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Financial Modelling Solutions

Projectify specialises in providing robust financial modelling templates for new or existing businesses and developing financial modelling solutions to help our customers make confident value-creating decisions.

Financial Model Templates

We offer a broad range of user-friendly financial modelling templates to help business make a head-start with developing their financial projections. A model template is a quick and inexpensive way for businesses to get started with their projection need whilst benefiting from good practice modelling techniques and expertise in the area.

Our templates are available for download from or

Our Services

Generic Projection Models

Non-industry specific 3-Statement financial projection models for startup or existing businesses 

Industry Specific Models

Industry specific 3-Statement financial projection models for startup or existing businesses 

Cost Benefit Analysis Models

Financial models to measure the financial feasibility for a proposed project or investment

Cash Flow Projection Models

Non-industry specific financial models for the preparation of rolling cash flow projections

Loan & Debt Analysis Models

Models for the calculation of loan or debt financial metrics, fair values, composition analysis and refinancing analysis

Financial Market Models

Financial models to project investment return using Monte Carlo simulation, calculate Beta and portfolio optimisation

Bespoke Financial Models

We understand that each business is unique and does not always fit neatly within a financial model template. We can help you modify any of our templates to be better aligned with your business or design a bespoke user-friendly financial model to meet your business and projection requirements.

In addition to designing and developing bespoke financial models to customer specifications, we also support with:

  • Customizing purchased financial modelling templates

  • Reviewing or fine-tuning of exisiting financial models

  • Consultation on financial model build

Please click here for more information.

Before making use of this service, please contact us here to provide us with a brief description of the support requied and key specifications and we will get back to you with an estimate of the hours and time required to complete the work. 


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