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Highly versatile and user-friendly Excel model for the preparation a of 5-year rolling 3 statement (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement) financial projection with a monthly timeline for a startup or existing IT / Tech service provider generating revenue by providing recurring and one-off IT/Tech services to customers and selling IT/Tech products.


The model allows the user to model up to 20 categories of IT/Tech services split into recurring and one-off each with their own mix of direct staff and direct expense requirements. The model also allows the user to model revenue and cost of sales from sale of IT/Tech products. Apart from revenue and direct costs, the model allows the user to model direct staff utilisation, indirect staff costs, marketing costs, other administrative costs, fixed assets, inventories, receivables/payables, borrowings, sales tax impacts, corporate tax and dividend distributions.


The model follows good practice financial modelling principles and includes instructions, line item explanations, checks and input validations and incorporates a discounted cash flow valuation calculation using the projected cash flows.





  • Projected full financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement) presented on a monthly basis across up to 5 years and summarised on an annual basis.
  • Dashboard with:
    • Summarised projected Income Statement and Balance Sheet;
    • Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for each summarised income statement and balance sheet line item;
    • List of key ratios including average revenue growth, average profit margins, average return on assets and equity and average Debt to Equity ratio;
    • Bar charts summarising income statement and balance sheet projections;
    • Revenue and gross profit by service category and volume of services offered over time presented in a table chart formats
    • Revenue and gross profit by product category presented in table and chart formats.
    • Charts and graphs showing: cash balance by month, free cash flow generation, cash flow statement breakdown, profit margins, income statement breakdown, net cash vs net income, working capital, valuation and capital structure.
  • Discounted cash flow valuation using the projected cash flow output.
  • Breakeven analysis





Setup Inputs:

  • Name of business;
  • Currency;
  • First projection year and month;
  • Naming for service categories, product categories, (in)direct staff, direct materials, direct expenses, marketing costs, staff costs, admin costs, fixed assets and borrowings;
  • Sales tax applicability for services, products, direct costs, and other expenses and fixed assets.


Actuals Inputs:

  • Opening balance sheet (for existing businesses);
  • Income Statement actuals (for trend analysis);


Projection Inputs:

  • Service revenue inputs including volume of services, rate per service, direct staff hours per service and assumptions on settlement of sales receipts;
  • Product revenue including purchase quantity, cost price, markup, safety stock percentage and assumptions on settlement of sales receipts and purchase payments;
  • Direct expense inputs including direct expense per service;
  • Staff cost inputs including staff numbers, working hours, average salary per full time position, average employer’s social security percentage of salary, average annual bonus and bonus payment months.
  • Other costs inputs including marketing costs and admin costs;
  • Sales and corporate tax inputs including rate and payment periods;
  • Dividend inputs including amount (percentage of retained earnings) and frequency;
  • Fixed assets including addition amounts and useful life;
  • Borrowings including addition amounts and interest rate;
  • Share capital additions;
  • Discount rate inputs (for valuation calculation).





The model comprises of 9 tabs split into input ('i_'), calculation ('c_'), output ('o_’) and system tabs. The tabs to be populated by the user are the input tabs ('i_Setup', ‘i_Actuals’ and 'i_Assumptions'). The calculation tab uses the user-defined inputs to calculate and produce the projection outputs which are presented in 'o_Fin Stats', ‘o_Dashboard’ and ‘o_DCF’.






Other key features of this model include the following:

  • The model contains a flexible timeline that allows for a mix of actual and forecast period across a 5-year period. This allows projections to be easily rolled forward as forecast periods become actual period;
  • Timeline is split on a monthly basis and summarised on an annual basis;
  • The model allows the user to model up to 20 separate service categories and 10 product categories with their own unique direct cost setup;
  • The model is not password protected and can be modified as required following download;
  • The model is reviewed using specialised model audit software to help reduce risk of formula inconsistencies;
  • The model allows for the following number of underlying categories for each line item (these can be easily expanded if required):
    • services – 20 categories split into recurring and one-off services;
    • products – 10 categories;
    • Staff costs – 5 direct categories and 5 non-direct categories;
    • Direct expenses – 5 categories;
    • Marketing costs – 5 categories;
    • Other expenses – 15 categories;
    • Fixed assets – 5 categories;
    • Borrowings – 3 facilities
  • Apart from projecting revenue and costs the model includes the possibility to model receivables and payables, fixed assets, borrowings, dividends and corporate tax;
  • Business name, currency, starting projection period are fully customisable;
  • Revenue, cost and fixed asset descriptions are fully customisable;
  • The model included an integrated discounted cash flow valuation using the projected cash flow outputs;
  • The model includes instructions, line-item explanations, checks and input validations to help ensure input fields are populated accurately;
  • The model includes a checks dashboard which summarises all the checks included in the various tabs making it easier to identify any errors.





If you require any be-spoke modifications or support, we are more than happy to assist. Please send us a message below or contact us on

IT / Tech Service Provider 5-Year Financial Projection - Excel Model

  • 1 blank Excel model and 1 Excel Model with a populated example

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