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Why Choose Projectify

Expertise and Experience

User-friendly Templates & Support

Our aim is to provide robust, user-friendly and versatile financial models that follow good practice financial modelling guidelines and help to create value for our customers.

We are keen for our customers to be satisfied with our financial models and always happy to assist with any questions, support or modifications required.

Good Practice Features of our Financial Models

Our financial model templates include a number of good practice financial modelling features including:


Clear separation of inputs, calculations and outputs with a logical flow from left to right of the model and each tab clearly labeled and coloured.



Appropriate checks are included throughout the model and summarised in a 'checks' dashboard and at the top of each tab.

Input validation.jpg


Input cells include input validations and input messages to guide users and help to reduce the possibility of incorrect signage and amount being input.


Input tabs include user-friendly line item explanations

Line item explanations.jpg


Our 3-statement projection models include dynamic timelines that allow any mix of actuals and forecast periods over the timeline period, allowing projections to be easily rolled forward and replaced by actuals from one month to the next



Our financial models typically include fully customisable business name, currency, projection period and line item naming

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